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If you get a chance to watch a performance of The Cakewalk in Anguilla, don't pass it up.
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We had this opportunity at Anguilla Great House during a performance by a local dance group for visiting college recruiters. The old-fashioned synchronized couples dancing features fancy costumes, umbrellas, top hats, and a touch of the past. The choreographed dances, for there are many set pieces presented without interruption, are done to music of various rhythms and styles. I don't know how they keep track of what comes next.

According to tradition, the "cakewalk" came to Anguilla when workers returned from Aruba and Curacao in the fifties. It was an instant hit and was frequently performed at picnics and other and other social events. In the eightys, with the advent of "modernism" in Anguilla, the cakewalk died out.
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But the cakewalk has now been revived on the island.

Most suitably, the music was provided by the Sleepy and the Allstars string band, which specializes in old-style acoustic West Indian music.

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