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[Click to enlarge] The Library Computer Club's was sad to see our favorite Italian leave. The club was able to offer intensive 8-week computer courses this summer, because we had accountant and business professor Gaetano Di Palo ("Nino") here from Naples. A young Anguillian, Marsha Duncan, did an outstanding job assisting. The programs, for both children and adults, ran from July 6 to August 27th. All students learned to use Windows 95, spreadsheets, and much more, and were presented with Certificates of Achievement by club president Leroy Hill. For full course outlines and many more pictures visit the boot camp web site.

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Nino was hosted by Sonesta, La Sirena, Fountain Beach, and two private homes. In return, Nino worked 20 hours per week in the club and countless hours preparing and advising students. Everyone sends him a big thank you. Now that Nino is gone, the club reverts to afternoon openings. The club lost Sean and Jo Hastings who taught on Wednesdays, as they are no longer available to volunteer. So it will only be open two times a week:

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On his last day, Nino takes a final stroll down Shoal Bay beach, his are the only footprints to grace the sand. If you would like to put your footprints here, and you are willing to teach some computer skills for 20 hours per week in return for free accomodations, please contact us at [email protected] (the club would love to have a hardware technician).

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