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Anguilla is in for a treat on July 7th as body builders compete for th e titles of Mr. Anguilla and Miss Anguilla in the body building arena. KMAX Fitness and Dungeon Gym are teaming up to put on the show under the auspices of the Anguilla arm of the IFBB (International Federation of Body Building).

The competition will showcase the efforts of six body builders, five male and one female. Otavia Fleming, Patrick Carty, Peter Vasilis, Joseph Pradel, Donny Smith and Amanda Richardson are pushing their bodies to the limits in anticipation of the event. (We suspect that Amanda, being the only competitor in the female segment might win hands down as no other contender braved the challenge!).

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Sandra Gumbs and Michael Francis of KMAX Gym are spearheading the effort to train and coach the team in body building and posing. Sandra, the President of the Anguilla branch of IFBB enthused that the big night will be full of excitement. In addition to the body building appearances, the event will highlight Demo Aerobics, Side Shows and Guest appearances from body builders from the neighbouring islands such as Ogeese and Vernon Francis. Professional Guest poser Angela Sealy of the Cayman Islands will also make a grand appearance.

The event will take place on Saturday July 7th at 8:00pm at The House of Chandeliers in South Hill. Admission: EC$20 for pre-purchased tickets and EC$25 at the door. For further information contact Sandra or Michael at KMAX Fitness Centre at 264-497-4048; Cell. 264-235-4048 or 264-235-2288. KMAX Fitness Centre opens Monday - Friday from 5am - 7am; from 9am - 12 noon and from 3pm - 9pm and on Saturdays from 10am - 2pm.

Pictures and article by Janine Edwards

 Revised: 2001/10/7

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