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Easter Monday Boat Race

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The highlight of the Easter weekend's festive events was the Annual East Monday boat race. Mead's Bay was full of activity as crowds gathered to "lime" (hang out) and support the race. The race began at Mead's Bay in the west and continued to the outskirts of Sandy Hill Bay in the east and culminated back at Mead's Bay.

The sunny day provided the perfect setting for an exciting race. Locals, visitors and yachters from neighbouring St. Martin joined in the action. De Tree, owned by the Blowing Point Committee, captured first place in the 2001 race (notice the De Tree supporters waving tree branches as they welcome their winner in the picture above), followed closely by N.W.O. Third place was taken by The Viking and The Eagle got the fourth spot. Barbecues and tented bars were kept busy as The Better Band pleased the crowds with live musical entertainment.

Boat racing is an integral part of Anguilla's history and culture. The sea provided an opportunity when the island's climate and economic circumstances were challenging. This background led to the vibrant boat racing passion on the island.

For more about the boat racing culture on the island you may want to read "Nuttin Bafflin" by David Carty and visit this report on another Easter Monday.

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Photos and story by Janine Edwards

 Revised: 2001/4/26

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