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[Click to enlarge] If you haven't heard of Anguilla's Apple Theatre Company yet, keep an eye out for them this spring and summer. Apple Theatre is now planning their next musical theatre production Children of Eden to be staged in The Valley this coming July. The group is only three years old, but it is growing quickly in both membership and strength.

In March of 1998, a group of students began to learn improvisational acting skills through afterschool classes. They also rehearsed their first play during this time, Anne of Green Gables which was performed in the Ruthwill Auditorium in July 1998. The group was really inspired by the experience. The following summer they staged their second musical; an energetic production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat which was extremely well-received by those who saw it. After this show the Apple Theatre Company was formed.
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"Apple" was chosen as the group's identity; an acronym for "Anguillian People Performing Live Entertainment." It seemed that the company, now expanded from the 23 members to close to 40 and growing, needed to define themselves and start building a place for themselves in the local cultural community.

They are working on becoming better-known and more stable. The group has actually expanded beyond the high school now - many of the original members have now graduated but continue to be active in the group. Members range in age from 11 to 20 years old, and there's loads of room for new people.

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Since "Joseph" the group has met regularly and has been pursuing fundraising to help raise the next show. Children of Eden by Stephen Schwartz (composer of "Pippin," "Godspell," and the recent animated film "The Prince of Egypt") is a musical storytelling of the Biblical story of creation from the very beginning through to the story of Noah and the Ark. It's also a sincere look at the relationships between parents and children, and the beauty of generations of families knowing each other. It's a very touching show with beautiful music.

Young people in Anguilla who like to dance, sing, or act, or who want to learn more about musical theatre are encouraged to get involved in this show. Auditions will be happening in late June, so keep checking the web for more on the time and place. If you have any questions, or you'd like more information on the program or the Apple Theatre Company, email Eleanor Stacey at, or speak to people you know who are members.

Article by Eleanor Stacey

 Revised: 2000/2/25

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