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In Every Home A Garden

This year's Agricultural and Agro Industrial Exhibition held in February was quite a success! The Agricultural Department's grounds in The Valley literally came alive with many animals …from the indigenous goats and chickens to various imported birds and monkeys who came in especially for the event. There was a wide variety of plants and agro produce available for display and sale. There were even visiting participants from Nevis….displaying locally made liqueurs and agro produce.

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The highlight of the displays was a life-size traditional Caribbean wooden house painted in pastel shades complete with a model backyard garden. The house was so well crafted and decorated (curtains and all!) that you would think it was a lived-in home. The interior of the house was used to display various Anguillian agro products and traditional house hold items from the days gone by. Growing in the backyard garden were various vegetables and local herbs in neat banks. A spouting fountain the garden added a decorative touch.

The many school children that came on field trips and the general public had a real educational treat. The hard work and planning involved in executing this event was mammoth. Congratulations go out to Director of Agriculture William Vanterpool and his team along with the participating farmers and producers for a job well done!

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Director - William Vanterpool: "The Department, in its drive to reactivate the agricultural sector, is also focusing on the younger generation and their adoption of farming as a profitable business. With all the new technology available such as drip irrigation and hydroponics, farming can be less labour intensive and much more rewarding. As we focus on our mission of import substitution, food security and the enhancement of the contribution agriculture makes to the economy, we look forward to the continued support of the entire community in moving agriculture to even higher levels."

Story and pictures by Janine Edwards

 Revised: 2002/3/24

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