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Easter Monday Boat Race, 2002

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NWO wins big race!

Easter Monday 2002 was a gorgeous day... the perfect setting for the exciting annual boat race culiminating at Mead's Bay. There were lots of colourful roadside debates, arguments and avid support as emotions ran high.

All over the island small gatherings of people followed the race... some drove around the island in tandem with the boats to various coastal vantage points; others braved the waters at the heels of the sail boats in small motor boats. You could see some folks standing on the roofs of buildings like the Customs Warehouse at Blowing Point while others viewed the race from their coastal homes. The grand finale at Mead's Bay saw NWO from West End capturing the first prize, with De Tree from Blowing Point in second place and Warrior from Blowing Point taking the third position.

And here are two pictures sent by visitor Steve Snow:

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Story and picture by Janine Edwards

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