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[Click to enlarge] Jack Tramonte and Mere Leighton have moved from the midwest to the Caribbean and set themselves up in the charter boat business.

Along with their Anguillian partner Bev Harrigan (who owns the Madeariman Reef on Shoal Bay) and their two very experienced captains from The Forest, Maxroy Fleming and his brother Germane, they have chartered the Zippity Do Da to St. Martin, St Barths, Saba, Nevis and Tortola. Of course they do the local charters to Little Bay, Sandy Island, PricklyPear, Scilly Cay and Scrub. They are starting to get a lot of charters from St. Martin. It has always been their intention to bring additional tourists to the beautiful island of Anguilla. They will be chartering all summer and have special off season rates.
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You can even charter a trip to Nevis to play golf, with all local arrangements made for you. Nothing to worry about. Even stay over a night if you wish! Special airport charter trip is $250. And they handle the baggage and everything!

The name Zippity Do Da came from the Disney movie Songs Of The South. Mister blue bird on my shoulder, hence the color of the boat. Zippity is 42 foot powered by 700 horsepower diesel engines; it is manufactured by Chris Craft. It has an electronic head aboard and sleeps 4 comfortably, while carrying 10 to 12 passengers plus crew. The boat cruises at 55 mph with a top speed of 65 to 70. Due to the design, the boat is made for rough waters.

Telephone: Jack and Mere (264.235.7038). Max Roy (264.772.0250, 264.497.5237).

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