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[Click to enlarge] Anguilla's newest musical group, the Xtreme Band, was officially launched in July 2001. Built around a nucleus of accomplished musicians and vocalists, the group creates a dynamic blend of experience and new talent. Xtreme's goal is to create its own distinctive sound and image and to promote itself and Anguilla in the region and internationally. Already, the group's first CD, "Ruption" demonstrates a unique musical style, with its fusion of Caribbean, Latin and French rhythms. And in a recent radio poll, the band's popular roadmarch tune "Fling Back (Charlie)" out-distanced the competition by a huge margin.

Xtreme has performed regularly at Johnno's and other popular venues throughout Anguilla and was the featured band at the Miss Anguilla Pageant 2001. The group is currently upgrading its equipment and is pursuing a number of engagements both in the Caribbean and the US.

Xtreme has now begun work on its second CD, which it will be recording in the next few months. In our next update we will be featuring more information on this project and the construction of the band's new website, along with more photos of the band. In the meantime, check out Xtreme's current CD at where you can buy on-line, or send them email at [email protected]

Band Member Bio's

Alex Richardson

Started playing the guitar at about age 10 and started a High School band. Was a junior calysonian (Lord Libra) capturing the crown in 1981. Joined North Sound international the same year as a guitarist, moved to keyboards after one year. Played with the group until 1987, became manager and leader, helped to launch the group's first to albums, Endless Action (1985) and Funtime (1986). Wrote Anguilla's National Song, "God Bless Anguilla" in 1981. He is the Manager of the Xtreme Band.

Ivor Hull

Ivor is 33 years old and his songwriting/arranging experience spans 10 years. He has been songwriter to bands such as North Sound International (6 years), AXA Band (2 years) and Mussington Brothers (2 years). Popular compositions include "On de Track", "Black Unity", "Proud to be Black". Some of his songs were used in Road March and calypso competitions. Road March Winners were "Style" (1993) and "On de Track" (1997). In the calypso competition Black Unity and Proud to be Black won the second runner up position in 1997 and 2000 respectively. He is the songwriter/arranger of the Xtreme Band.

Leonard "Imorly" Richardson

Started musical career as bass player with Bankie Banx and the Madd Squad. Was a founding member of North Sound International and is responsible for training and launching the musical careers of a number of today's young musicians. Has also played with the AXA Band and the Mussington Brothers and has traveled and performed extensively in the Caribbean, the USA and England. Is considered to be one of the most experienced and experienced Anguillian musicians around today. He is the bass player and leader of the Xtreme Band.

Jeffrey Jennings

Jeffrey was born in the USVI but grew up in Anguilla. He was the drummer for the High School steelband from 1991, then moved on to play keyboard with the reggae group High Tension in 1992. He played drums with North Sound, the Vito Band and the Better Band over the years, before joining the Mussington Brothers in 2000 as the keyboard player. He has also played with Dumper on numerous entertainment gigs at local hotels. He is now the keboardist/drum machine programmer of the Xtreme Band.

Desiree Hennis

Desiree's musical career started five years ago when she joined the Mussington Brothers as a vocalist. Her first hit was "Got to Give to Get", followed by "Shaka Zulu". In more recent years, she has captured audiences with her stimulating performance and songs such as "Foxhole on Fire", "The Miller" and "Water Faucet". The Miller helped Cable & Wireless win a regional competition in St Lucia recently. She has toured extensively with the Mussington Brothers. She is now one of the lead vocalists of the Xtreme Band.

Dale Saunders

Dale started performing at age 6. At age 9 he participated in a Valentine's show, which brought him into the spotlight, when his dancing and singing resulted in him being judged 1st runner up. Dale is a trained dancer and has performed with various dance groups. In 1993 he was a contestant in the Junior Calypso Show and in 1999 he released the popular road march contender "Millenium Jam". He has also performed at the Miss Anguilla Pageant in the past. He is now one of the lead vocalists of the Xtreme Band.

Ronnie "Tawanta" Richardson

Ronnie, along with Imorly, also started his musical career with Bankie Banx and the Madd Squad. Considered one of Anguilla's most talented guitarists, he was a member of the original North Sound International. Ronnie has performed with various bands in St Maarten and has toured extensively in the Caribbean. He has considerable experience on the hotel circuit in Anguilla and St Maarten. He is the guitarist and background vocalist of the Xtreme Band.

Jason Jackman

A sculptor by trade, Jason started playing the drums and bass in his native Trinidad from the age of 6. He has performed with church groups and with various soca bands and has backed up major calypsonians such as Shadow and Sparrow. In Anguilla, he has performed on drums and bass with groups such as the Reggae Groovers. He is also a popular DJ, known as "DJ Blackmail". He is the drummer of the Xtreme Band.

Story by Alex Richardson

 Revised: 2002/1/31

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