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[June Wedding. Click to visit the Web page] Coming to Anguilla to get married is a venerable tradition. Fancy weddings are often held at Scilly Cay and a huge wedding was held recently at Blanshards. So when Tania Maynard decided to start "Weddings On the Go", she knew she needed a niche. [Tania. Click to visit her Web Site]

She would be the first Wedding consultant in Anguilla on the Internet (and one of the first in the Caribbean too). Tania started her business a short time ago with a web site and she has already done 6 weddings, with more booked. She loves looking after all the details so that everything turns out romantically perfect. For example, on June 16th the couple pictured above came from their honeymoon hotel in St. Martin (the room was a wedding gift) to be married on Shoal Bay. Their car broke down on the way to the ferry, but Tania waited 3 hours for them at the dock. The day was a public holiday, so Tania arranged to take the couple to a Commissioner of Oaths to sign the paperwork. In spite of the late start, she got the bride and groom, the cake, the champagne, the minister, the maids of honour she provided, the flowers, the palm arch, and Dumpa's Steel Band to Shoal Bay in time for the ceremony. She even arranged for a video of the entire wedding. As the last ferry leaves Blowing Point at 7pm, she sent her assistants rushing back to sign the happy couple into the manifest and make certain it did not leave without them! The bride wanted a special cake with basket weave in the frosting and sent a picture of it - Tania found a baker in West End who could duplicate the cake exactly.

An article in the Wall Street Journal on June 20th says that "Americans are flocking to the Caribbean in record numbers this month to get married. The appeals of the Caribbean are many. It costs less to combine a wedding and honeymoon in one trip, the settings are magnificent and the distance cuts down on the guest list." They also point out that the June temperatures in Jamaica, where a quarter of the visitors are for a wedding or honeymoon, hover in the 90s with average humidity of 78%. Anguilla is more comfortable at 84F and 64% humidity, but tuxedos and long wedding gowns are discouraged. Tania suggests wearing something loose and comfortable and putting the bride's hair up if the wedding is outdoors in the breeze. Tania sees her job as looking out for the interests of her couples: such as negotiating a 20% discount when they eat at Straw Hat Restaurant. Weddings on the Go: 264-497-2685 fax 8416.

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