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[Click to enlarge] Here is an unusual way to raise money for the Wallblake House Restoration. As part of the on-going effort to raise funds for the restoration of the Wallblake Plantation House, a group of nine island artists have been hard at work creating a unique 9-panel screen. It is actually 9 separate paintings, but combined on a folding mahogany screen measuring approximately 6 x 7 feet.

While each artist painted in their individual style and palate, the overall effect is a harmonious blend of tropical hues and motifs. This exquisite collaborative effort of the artists of Anguilla will provide a stunning decorative focal point in any setting.

Beginning on November 15, at the newly opened Loblolly Gallery in South Hill Plaza, the screen will be on display at various island locations until the evening of February 6th, 1999, when it will be auctioned at the annual Wallblake Cocktail Buffet (Inter Island Hotel, 6-9pm).

Participating artists are: Louise Brooks, Melsadis Fleming, Lucia Butler, Weme Castor, Susie Graff, Peg Gregory, Iris Lewis, Margie Morani and Claudia Post. Initial drawings for the screen design were done by artist Lynne Bernbaum. Albert Lake donated the mahogany.

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