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Wallblake House Restoration Starts

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[Click for larger view of repair work.] Work has started on the restoration of Anguilla's oldest and only surviving plantation house, which is in desperate need of repair. These are the first fruits of a determined fund-raising effort, including special events and selling t-shirts, by the Wallblake House Trust. Of course, they haven't raised enough money yet to do the entire job (est. $440,000), so they have started with the outbuildings.

The complex was built in 1787 and is one of the few plantation houses where the entire complex , including the kitchen, stable, and worker's quarters still exist. The workers have removed the entire roof of one small structure, revealing the thick limestone walls and their angled tops with the slots into which the roof beams should slide.

For more details on the project, consult the project's web page at

 Revised: June 08, 1998

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