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The Evan Gumbs Community Choir presented a variety show, "Back to Days of Old in Song & Dance" on May 2nd, 1997 at the Ruthwill Auditorium. Dr. Linda Banks was the M.C. and the program consisted of over 20 acts. How does a visitor find out about such local activites? Listen to Radio Anguilla 1505 AM (in fact, bring a small radio with you and catch all the local news and announcements). Or ask the locals, the maid who cleans your room, the front desk, or the grocery clerk. It's worth the effort.

The Evan Gumbs Choir appeared several times, starting with the Tennessee Waltz changing partners song and dance, reappearing later with When I Grow Too Old to Love, Pal of Mine, and Juanita, and closing the show with the traditional Anguillian Smugglers Song. Daisy Richardson gave a musical rendition on her organ, played with one finger, the Youth Choir of the Catholic Church sang several songs, there were songs by Sylvia Brooks, by Shirley and Rose, by Kaye of Island Harbour, by Joan and Jane, and by Shirley Gumbs.

Ophelia Carty gave the opening remarks and recited a wonderful (and short) poem. The young men of the Sr. Anglican AYPA East End (including Fritz Smith) presented a hilarious silent comedy skit. The men's chorale from St. Augustines sang beautifully. Margaret Ouwehand, dressed in man's suit with my panama hat, performed a humourous song and dance version of Heart of My Heart and returned later for the closing remarks.

The Tre Plus One girls dance group from Blowing Point performed several dances to music, including a merengue demo with Christobel of George Hill trying to keep up with them. Kingsley on keyboard and Leo on sax provided musical numbers. In his duets, Albert added humourous musical asides whenever the songs got too serious. There was a humourous Skit by Christobel (the lady) and Eileen (dressed in rags as her old suiter). After so long apart, she only wants him if he has money in his pocket, so he goes back across the street to find another woman. Following this was a hilarious recitation by Eileen Carty, "My Get and Go Got Up and Went".

 Revised: July 30, 1998

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