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Anguilla Boosted in USA Today

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A full page article by feature writer Jerry Shriver on Anguilla appeared in USA Today newspaper on Friday, January 2, 1998. Jerry was one of the international judges during the culinary competition last December, and he highlighted Anguilla's high class cuisine in his article entitled Gourmet Paradise in Anguilla, with pictures of chef Zeff Bonsey and bartender Ron Webster.

Aside from beach strolling and water sports, there's little to do on this serene island of 10,500 inhabitants other than repose on the balcony of a luxurious villa, snicker at the cruise-ship hordes invading neighboring St. Martin and plot a restaurant itinerary.

Though just 16 miles long and 3 miles across at the max, Anguilla boasts nearly a dozen good-to-excellent restaurants and two of the region's richest wine cellars (at Malliouhana and Koal Keel).

You can read the full article on the Internet at the USA Today web site.

 Revised: January 16, 1998

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