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Bike, Run, Swim: 3-Man Teams

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The Optimist Club Team Triathalon is just around the corner, Sunday the 29th of March, 1998. The triathalon will consist of a cycling leg, a running leg, and a swimming leg. Each leg will be done by a different member of the 3-man team. There will be two categories:

The triathalon will start at Vista Market in South Hill. Totally Serious cyclists will bike down to Sandy Ground, back up to South Hill and the ferry terminal, then across the island to near Charlie's Water Supply in the Farrington. Seriously Fun cyclists will bike direct from Vista to the Farrington. The second member of the team will then run to Ronald Webster's house in Seafeathers, where the final team member will swim to Sandy Hill beach.

Supporters, fans, and spectators will gather at Sandy Hill Bay for a beach BBQ, games, drinks and fun. Everyone is welcome.

To enter, call 1-264-497-2369, Optimist Art, or 1-264-497-2091, Highway Tyre. An update on time, distances and prizes will be given after a team organizing meeting on January 13th, 6PM at Ruthwill Auditorium.

The organizers encourage island visitors who like to relax but still like to work out to enter the triathalon. Contact one of the phone numbers above or your hotel to join a team. Our proud sponsor is The Highway Tyre Services and Sales Ltd. in George Hill. Funds raised will assist in the continuing development of the Optimist Club's Welches' Park Improvement Project.

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