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[Tranquil isle] In March 1997 we reported on the launch party for a fantastic new book on Anguilla. I contacted the UK publisher of Anguilla-Tranquil Isle of the Caribbean as to the availability in the USA. He replied that "it's a bit difficult at present. We do not have very satisfactory arrangememts for our books in the States."

You can of course order the book from Anguilla, but I had heard that people were finding the book in UK bookstores. Not being one to give up, I searched the Internet for a web site that sells the book and would ship anywhere. I found it at Click Here.

Macmillan Caribbean publishes an incredible line of books on every island, flowers, trees, fish, birds, even history and a full line of Caribbean textbooks. You should be able to get most of them through the web site.

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