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To:   Daily Herald
From: Brenda Carty         
Date: September 24, 2001

Anguillians attend remembrance service

ANGUILLA-A large cross-section of the community was in attendance at the Service of Remembrance held on Monday evening, September 17 at the St Mary's Anglican Church. It was organized by the Government of Anguilla, the Anguilla Christian Council and the Anguilla Evangelical Association.

Governor Peter Johnstone described the events in America as a horror movie that no one could believe but that gradually sank in as reality that had caused immense destruction and loss of life on a country that prides itself on homespun democracy. He described the enormous sadness, sympathy and effort to be with the people who have suffered, and the bravery that has followed. He suggested that Anguillians will need to be sensitive to visitors' feelings as so many of the tourists visiting the island are from the Eastern seaboard. He ended his talk with the words, "God bless America."

ministers at the service

The Chief Minister, Osbourne Fleming described the outpouring of love and togetherness that has resulted from the tragic events, noting that this is a lesson for everyone and we all need this outpouring of love. He described how the USA has touched the lives of everyone in some way or another and he thanks the US for all they have done and wants them to know that we are concerned. The repercussions on tourism and the economy were also included in the Chief Minister's brief talk. "When I look at what happened we are nothing," he said, "it behoves us to live as if each day is our last."

The service was led by Rev Menes Hodge and several ministers from the Christian and Evangelical Councils took part including Pastors Ambrose Richardson, Lucien McDonna and Philip Gumbs, Rev Janetta James and Father Herberger. Lessons were read by the Chief Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, Hubert Hughes. Rev Keithley Richardson, Superintendent of the Methodist Church gave "Words of Comfort". The theme of his talk was to fight back with love, not to be overcome with evil but overcome evil with good. He said his dream is for the USA to go to Afghanistan with food, medical supplies and aid to help the people there who are already in a grave situation. He suggested that love alone will bring peace. In trying to make sense of it all he said that hatred destroys the hater and the hated in acts of terror, that provokes fear and anger and that anger will ferment into more anger and revenge. "Seek comfort and support each other," he advised.

Attending the service were the Governor and Mrs Johnstone, the Chief Minister and Mrs Fleming, Ministers of Government, Permanent Secretaries and Special Assistants as well as other senior government personnel. At the end of the service the Royal Anguilla Police Force band played the national anthems of Great Britain, the USA and the Anguilla National Song. Music during the service was played by organist Lennox Vanterpool.

[church service]

To:   Daily Herald
From: Brenda Carty      
Date: September 24, 2001

Government of Anguilla expresses sympathy

ANGUILLA-Acting Chief Minister, Eric Reid issued a press release following the tragic events in the USA on Tuesday.

He says, "The Government of Anguilla is shocked and saddened by the scale of the destruction and loss of life which resulted from the apparent terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon in Washington.

The Government of Anguilla solicits the prayers of the people of Anguilla for the Government and people of the United States and especially for the victims and their families of this terrible tragedy."

He goes on to say that the Anguilla Government condemns the use of violence for the promotion of any cause regardless of its legitimacy and joins with other governments in supporting the punishment of the perpetrators "of these evil acts".

To:   Daily Herald
From: Brenda Carty         
Date: September 24, 2001

Governor sends letter to US President ANGUILLA-At a meeting on Thursday September 13 of the Executive Council the Governor, Peter Johnstone was authorized to send a condolence message to the President of the United States on behalf of the people and government of Anguilla.

The text of the letter reads, "On behalf of the Government and people of Anguilla, I offer sincere condolences on the enormous loss of life as a result of the acts of terrorism on Tuesday. Please express to all concerned the deep feeling of sadness and sympathy felt by the people of Anguilla for the suffering, which these despicable acts have caused."

The letter went on to say how although Anguilla is a small island we often host visitors from New York, Boston and the Eastern seaboard and therefore feel a closeness with people from that area, making it much more poignant. He also says how there are several Anguillians who live and work in the affected areas and that the people's thoughts are with them too.

He concludes, "Please be assured that your Government, the people of the United States of America and especially the victims and their families will feature prominently in our prayers."

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