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[Click to enlarge] Jill Walker has a track record in the Spa business on Anguilla. She ran the spa at Cocolloba virtually single-handed when it reopened after Hurricane Luis, then took on the creation and management of the spa at the new CuisinArt resort. Now she has her own place, the Taino Wellness Center. "Taino" is taken from the Arawak indian language, where it means "peace".

When we dropped in, we found a house converted into a mellow spa. The main room is used for instruction (classes in massage therapy, yoga , deep tissue massage, body rolling and more), taught by Jill and a number of other guest instructors. There is a side room for smaller groups and color therapy (see the color bottles pictured below). Finally, there are two private massage therapy rooms, each decorated in a distinctive way to complement the treatment.

Andy Arden ( writes:

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I just returned May 7th-14th from our 4th Trip to the beautiful Island of Anguilla and once again had a great trip.

One thing I noticed and found out about Anguilla is there are a number of Resort Spa's and Local Spa/Massage people on this small Island. I stayed at a resort, but used Jill Walker at Taino Wellness Centre for my spa treatments. Phone (264-497-6066) or e-mail for more information.

I went to Jill's place twice - first trip I had the Sea Salt Body Glow ($ 80.00) with 1 hr massage ($ 70.00) then before I left the Island to return home, I had her Milk and Honey Wrap ($80.00) and one of the Best Seaweed Facials ($80.00) I have ever had. It was VERY RELAXING and a great way to start and end a vacation. Jill provided me with better treatments then I would have gotten at most resort spas and SPA and at a more cost effective price. I saved over $100.00 using Jill and tipping/service charge is strictly optional with Jill vs. automatic with resorts. I cannot wait until I return to Anguilla for a Vacation and more treatments from Jill.

Jill's services are mobile and she will also come to your Villa for in Villa Treatments and depending on the Hotel/Resort you are staying at, she will come to the Hotel/Resort for in Room treatments.

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The Taino Wellness Center offers massage therapy, physical rehabilitation, stress management, acupuncture, Bowen technique, Ear Coning, Sea Salt Body Glow treatment, Deep Pore Cleansing Facial, Apres Soleil Seaweed Facial, Guide meditations (chakra energizing, grounding/releasing, angel connections), cranial/sacral therapy and reflexology.

Directions: in South Hill, not far from the Irie Life shop. Starting say from Cap Juluca, return to the main road and turn right (east). Drive several miles past turn offs for Frangipani, Malliouhana, Sonesta, and CuisinArt. At the cross road after Inter-Island Hotel but before Connors Rental Cars, turn right (left takes you to Rafe's). If you come to the cross road for Irie Life and the Light House Chinese restaurant, you went one block too far. Take the next right on a dirt drive and go straight about 100 yards to the end, where you will see Taino Wellness Centre on the left. In June 2001, there were Taino signs.

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