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The Sunday Thing

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[Click to enlarge view] Enjoy sunday lunch, sun, sea, and live reggae music at "Johhny Cakes" on Shoal Bay East. Gwen has taken over lunch at Fountain Beach hotel and calls her place Johnny Cakes. Now she is providing live music on Sunday afternoons, along with her reasonably priced lunch, and she calls it her Sunday Thing. Besides the regular daily menu below, she has specials, up to and including lobster!

The Sunday Thing Menu at "Johnny Cakes"
Fresh Red Snapper US $10
Grilled Chicken US $6
BBQ Ribs US $6
Chicken and Rib Deluxe US $8
All served with delicious local rice and peas, plus coleslaw. Assorted beers and beverages. Telephone: 264-497-9361.

Sunday entertainment is unlikely to continue into the low season. Be cautious about entering the ocean at this end of the beach - try 100 yards eastward where the inshore shoals end.

 Revised: January 25, 1998

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