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Islands magazine has awarded a 1999 Ecotourism Award to Anguilla Maritime Research Ltd (and its division, Shoal Bay Scuba and Watersports) for its work in the development and preservation of the Stoney Bay Marine Park. The site was discovered during a diving expedition in 1986 by local fisherman Leander "Bull" Bryan, who located the remains of the El Buen Consejo, an 18th century Spanish galleon that shipwrecked off the southeastern shoves of Anguilla on July 8, 1772 (see web site for the wreck at

Bryan eventually shared his secret with Americans Ray Knudsen and David Stephens and the trio formed a partnership to develop the site into a business, while protecting it as well.

Designated as an Underwater Archaeological Preserve by the Government of Anguilla, the site is being managed by AMR. The Marine Park is a joint private and public venture, that intends to be a model for underwater archaeological tourism.

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AMR has developed a unique underwater museum at Stoney Bay accessible only by divers through Shoal Bay Scuba and sanctioned by an exclusive 20-year lease with Government. For more information, visit their web site at or call 1-264-497-4371.

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