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[Click to enlarge view of students] A regular event in Anguilla is the student's Sports Day, when teams from all the primary schools and the "houses" of the high school compete in track and field events. The events are held in the Ronald Webster Park, which is next to the high school and also has the cricket field. There is a parade of the teams and a band and the competitions last all day.

Spectators are welcome, but there is a small charge. Sports Day is usually announced on the radio and in flyers on the window of Ashley's and Fairplay supermarkets.

On the recent Sports Day during spring break, the winners in the Primary School division were:

  1. Stoney Ground Primary School
  2. Road Primary School
  3. Valley Primary School

Our one high school (Albena Lake-Hodge Comprehensive School) is divided into "houses" (yellow, orange, etc.) so that there can be competition. The standings after this Sports Day were:

  1. Yellow House
  2. Maroon
  3. Pink
  4. Orange
  5. Purple

Photos by Teacher Leroy Hill, report by student Danny Laud.

 Revised: June 13, 1998

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