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[Click to enlarge] Anguilla's remote lighthouse, Sombrero Island, has been much discussed since the US television networks noticed Beal Aerospace's proposal to launch satellites from this little patch of rock. But there haven't been much exposure of what Sombrero actually looks like.

This picture of Sombrero was taken by Vince Cate when he went for a visit on the provisioning boat. You can see more pictures on Vince's web site.

Here are some news stories about Beal and Sombrero on the Internet:

More Information:
Jason Butterworth has posted an article on Sombrero Island, originally published in "Anguilla Life" magazine, at this web site:

Even though it is 40 miles away, Sombrero has been a part of Anguilla for years. There is a lighthouse on it to warn shipping of the danger.

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