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Shoal Bay Villas is one of Anguilla's more picturesque places to stay.
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This is a favorite small resort with repeat visitors; after Hurricane Luis their customers sent the most concerned emails and were not satisfied with any other place. It has 10 waterfront units facing directly on Shoal Bay Beach (eight 1-bd apartments, 2 studios on the ground floor), plus two 2-bd apartments and two 1-bd apartments on the pool. Summer rates at Shoal Bay Villas start at $165 per night, plus 8% tax and 10% service. 264-497-2051.
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Regarding the villas, Fred and Anne Gerretzen of Tucson, Arizona write
Update: Fred is a chiropractor, which is something we don't have on Anguilla. By the end of their stay, Fred was giving adjustments to the maids at Shoal Bay Villas and people on the beach!

We will be on/in (is one on or in?) Anguilla for a week in July (7th-13th) so I've been "reading up" with the help of your newsletter. This trip has been a dream of mine ever since we took a day trip over from St. Maarten in 1993, when we were there on our honeymoon. They (the people from Port de Plaisance) dropped us on what I now know is Shoal Bay beach (east)-without a doubt the most beautiful beach I had ever seen (Conde Nast is right). We had lunch at Uncle Ernie's and went snorkeling with J.R. How surprised I was to see his picture "loud and clear" on the internet! While we were there I went for a stroll down the beach and found Shoal Bay Villas and just loved it. So I stuffed a brochure in my swimsuit and knew right then and there that we would be back. So here we come!!
Visitor Feedback on Shoal Bay Villas.
"Thanks so much for the recommendation of Shoal Bay Villas. It was exactly what we were looking for. My mom and I visited the island for 8 days. It was spectacular, and the people have not changed a bit!!! It is truely a special place, and I found that you don't have to stay at an expensive resort to have a relaxing vacation. Everyone at Shoal Bay Villas made sure we were comfortable and enjoying our visit. We especially enjoyed Ronnie. We hope to return again and again." Regards, BBC

 Revised: July 15, 1998

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