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[Click to enlarge] Margaret Ouwehand is well known in Angullla for her reflexology foot and body massage, but she made quite a splash in Jamaica recently with her new face lift rejuventation massage. Margaret was invited to Jamaica to give a face-body reflexology workshop, the first ever in Jamaica. She is a certified teacher for both the Reflexology Association of Canada and the Ontario College of Reflexology.

Face reflexology is described as

Face reflexology incorporates techniques that simulate the reflexes of the forehead, face and jaw, thereby improving blood circulation and energy flow. The result? Regular treatments tend of firm the muscles of the face and jaw, providing a natural, non-surgical face lift. In combination with body reflexology, which gently decreases blockages, restores balances and lowers stress levels, the overall benefits to the body are immeasurable and hard to resist."

Margaret lives and practices in Anguilla. During the high season she is kept busy running around the island doing massage work at hotels and villas, but she still finds time to make the rounds of the island's health clinics, treating diabetics and older people who have troubles with their feet. She also has a clinic in The Forest. If any of the other islands desire it, Margaret is available in the off season to teach reflexology. Telephone: 1-264-497-5798. Web page:

Directions: Starting in the airport parking lot, take the only exit. When you get out, continue straight around the east end of the airport runway. The road turns left at Omolulu School, then forks in about 1/4 mile. Take the left fork and watch on the left for Margaret's "foot" sign in about 1/2 mile. Call first for an appointment.

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