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Clement Lake ('Leo') Plays a Quiet Sax

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Last week we took our house guests to Palm Grove for lunch and a swim. They were enhanted by the way Clement ("Leo") Lake's mellow saxaphone combined with the gentle surf at Anguilla's remote Junk's Hole Bay. Anguilla has scores of musicians that blast you out of your seat and onto the dance floor with their beat and volume, but sometimes you just need some romantic music that still allows a private conversation. That is when you look for Clement Lake.

Clement is playing Sunday afternoons this season at Palm Grove. He also played for romantics on Valentines Day at Koal Keel Restaurant in The Valley. He and his two saxaphones and his gentle drum machine are available to support any easy listening, easy dancing soire on Anguilla. Extremely civilized.

For booking information, call 1-264-497-4127/3729

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