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If you or your college-age children are interested in archaeology and Anguilla, here is a chance to combine the two. The University of Vermont has announced a Field School in Prehistoric Archaeology for June 1997, including a month in Anguilla. The course will explore methods and techniques of archaeological investigation in the West Indies. The program is taught by Dr. James Petersen, Director of the Archaeology Research Center of the University of Maine at Farmington. The course and field work will cover archaeological theory and cultural history of Anguilla and the Caribbean. Enrollment is limited to 15.

Update: The field trip was a success-read about it.

Tuition is $1380 for Vermont residents, $3150 for non-residents. There is a $450 Program Fee, which covers lodging in Anguilla. Students will be responsible for their own airfare and meals. Reserve your place now by contacting Anne Connaway (email: [email protected]) at UVM Continuing Education, 322 South Prospect Street, Burlington, VT 05401. A deposit is due by April 18th. For more information on travel rates and meals call James Petersen at 207-778-7012 or email him at [email protected].  Revised: October 29, 1997

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