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Police Choir Performs in Tortola

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[Click for larger view] 30 members of the Royal Anguilla Police Force Choir went to Tortola for the weekend and gave a public performance at the Methodist Church in Road Town. Soloists include Ernie Hodge Carty, Priscilla Gumbs (see picture), Brenda Huggins, Leroy Hill and many more. And everyone enjoyed visiting the island of Tortola that seems similar to Anguilla, but is quite different. Both are British Dependent territories, both have small populations, but BVI has hills and soil, and therefore it has trees and greenery that we can only dream of on the coral island of Anguilla.

Here are some more pictures from the trip.

[Click to enlarge view of Choir]

Update on Police Choir. Following up on their successful concert in the British Virgin Islands, the Royal Anguilla Police Choir performed on Sunday night, October 5th, 1997 to a packed house at St. Mary's Anglican Church in The Valley. The performances were very moving.

 Revised: October 25, 1997

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