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Palm Grove Bar and Grill is back after being knocked out by Hurricane Lenny.

Guest article by Roger Fenn

[Click to enlarge] In December 1999, we enjoyed another delightful week with the Richardsons out on the road to Junks Hole, beyond East End Village.

This fresh and breezy end of Anguilla is a perfect diversion from the hubbub of other parts of the island. For the last five years, we've returned to this favorite spot to snorkel around the reefs, and explore the curve of a beach that offers spectacular views of the Atlantic to the East and St. Martin to the South. We have fond memories of kicking up our heels at the Palm Grove, enjoying our favorite Caribbean beverage, spicy savory barbecue, and the company of proprietor/chef Nat Richardson and his charming wife Ethne.

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This past November, torrents of water from Hurricane Lenny washed the beautiful Palm Grove Bar and Grill into Savannah Bay, but in the ensuing weeks Nat Richardson, friends, and family, have recovered much of the material washed up to shore by the waves and the wind of the storm. A bright and airy dining platform is now back from the location where the Palm Grove had once stood, and Nat will be cooking up Anguilla's tastiest ribs and more from a "kitchen on wheels", perfect for the occasion.

Look for the original sign, which we salvaged; now beckoning you! We naturally will be back soon to join in the fun, but meanwhile, make it a point to see how they're doing and enjoy The Palm Grove….

[Ed. Here is Palm Grove as it appeared before Lenny and the same spot viewed after! The torrential rains completely eliminated the sand dune where Palm Grove used to sit, but the beach is as good as ever.]

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