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Visitor Tips: Internet Booth and Air Travel

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[Click to enlarge Larry in the Net Booth] Recently we received a nice email from a visitor, pointing out that Cable and Wireless has an "Internet Booth" available to the public. Here is what she had to say:

I've just read your Internet info and wanted to add that we found another Internet terminal just outside the Customer Care Department to the right of the main entrance of Cable and Wireless. My 9 year old used it to access his favorite Web sites. My husband has read this message over my shoulder and laughed at me --he tells me this terminal is good only to look up Web sites, not to send mail (I read the Washington Post on it, so I was happy).

The booth is open during business hours and is available to anyone, upon payment of a US$4 fee per 30 minutes of use. There is also public Internet access at the library and for only US$2.25 per half-hour, but the one at C&W is air conditioned! These "booths" will be suitable for browsing the Internet, but cannot easily be used to pick up email (you would need to configure an email client on the booth PC, which is a little tricky). However, if you have a free web-based email account, such as Hotmail or at Yahoo-Mail, you can use the browser to read and send email. You could get one before you leave home and forward your other email account to it.

Air Travel Tips: She continues her message:

Also, for your Airlines into, please tell people that Millie Hodge is the very efficient station manager at Wallblake. Due to a death in the family (here in the States) we had to depart Anguilla before our return flight home. Millie waived the $50 change fee ticket and got us on an earlier flight.

During the 2 hours before our scheduled departure (2:12 pm) from SJU to AXA, American made numerous requests for "denied boarding for compensation" volunteers, with payment beginning at $200 ticket vouchers per ticket. They got to $400 just before the flight was scheduled to leave. It is best to volunteer early -- you will receive their final cash offer, but your name will be first on the list of volunteers, and thus you'll be most likely to get the ticket voucher. They gave us $11/per passsenger lunch and dinner meal vouchers (good only at the terrible Caribbean Cafe in the Airport). We did not request a taxi voucher instead. We did take a taxi (Taxi Turistico in the lower level) to El Morro (free admission, owned by U.S. National Park Service, closes at 5 p.m.) the fort, for about $14 each way, and then wandered around Old San Juan to kill time until our 9 p.m. flight.

We once again had a marvelous visit, our 7th, even though we had to come home 10 days early, and will make our reservations for next Christmas next month -- American only lets you book 330 days from your last flight's date.

As I told you when I met you, I so enjoy your postings; you're performing a marvelous service.

 Revised: February 19, 1998

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