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[Click to enlarge view of fruits and vegetables] You know the Caribbean is loaded with wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables, and they don't come sealed in plastic wrap. What you really visualize is a friendly person bringing you delicious mangos and papayas, and passing your special requests on to the small farmers.

We have such a service in Anguilla, Vandalyn Fleming's Moving Market. She sells wholesale and retail produce right out of her pickup.
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Vandalyn distributes fresh fruits and vegetables from Dominica (beautiful bananas, fantastic grapefruit, etc.), Seamoss drink, Nutmeg, Ginger, and other spices, Coconut, Yams (sweet potatoes, Dasheen, cush-cush, tania), baskets, straw hats, mats (by request!), and lots more depending upon the season and customer demand.

She sells wholesale to Proctors Supermarket, Ashley and Sons, Hillstreet Restaurant, Lynettes's Bakery, and many others. But she will also sell retail to anyone who would like regular or even one-time deliveries of delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. If you see her in her delivery truck, don't forget to give a friendly honk. Telephone: 264-498-4190.

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