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Micasa (Spanish for "my house") had its grand opening on Tuesday, December 21, 1999, just in time for Christmas.

Guest article by Bethany Marks

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2001 Update

It is chock full of colorful home decorating items and furniture, is a first for Anguilla in the beautiful array of items which have been imported, and reasonably priced. Cathy Ogilvie Smith, a 10-year resident of Anguilla, has opened Micasa in the space that Gitte Beyer's Java Wrap used to occupy, just across from The Old House Restaurant in the Clarita Mason Mall.

Micasa has a wide array of Talavera pottery. Cathy lived in Mexico for five years and began collecting Talavera then -- and has been collecting ever since. She received so many oohs and aahs when people entered her home that she finally decided to begin importing it herself and selling it to residents and tourists here. She wanted to do something "different," and she certainly has! Talavera first came from Spain, but the original colours were blue and white. It was brought over to Mexico four to five centuries ago when the Mexicans incorporated their own bright colours and styles, and it has become famous all over the world. Each piece is unique. It is molded by hand, hand-painted, kiln-dried, is dishwasher-safe and free of lead.

The furniture, also from Mexico, is solid Ponderosa Pine and is absolutely perfect for the Caribbean climate. Solid and sturdy furniture, yet lovely as well, it won't fall apart when the water from a hurricane makes an unwelcome entry into your home. It is also termite-proof, kiln-dried (8% water content), and utterly kid-proof.

Examples of pottery which are available include:

Urns of all sizes (small to very large, major pieces)
Ginger jars
A variety of planters and flower pots
Complete dinner sets
Table, hanging and wall lamps
Sinks, frames, mirrors, candlesticks, mugs, bathroom accessories, wastebaskets and ashtrays

The pine furniture includes:

Dining room tables and chairs
Dinette tables
Bar stools
TV stands
Cocktail, coffee, side and console tables

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They are expecting another 40-foot container loaded with furniture in late January or early February, 2000, which will include more of the above plus: Living room sets (sofa, loveseat and armchair), entertainment units, liquor cabinets and desks.

Micasa also has brought in beautiful items from Indonesia, France and other places. They have beautiful, large Indonesian urns in neutral colours, bamboo windchimes, hand-carved CD racks, giraffes, dolphins and Komodo dragons, wrought iron candle holders, rugs, kitchen accessories, silk flowers and even Christmas decorations. You'll enjoy the ambience and quality of Micasa, even if you just stop by to browse through.

Micasa First Year Successful, Expanding

It is April 2001 and Micasa is doing well. It has been over a year since the opening, and the stock continues to grow and the store is a success. Here are some pictures as Micasa is now:

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