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[Click to enlarge] An exciting, educational marine life extravaganza awaits two hundred (200) Anguillian children in July. Junior Fleming and several volunteers are working hard to put together the first event in a series of Marine Life Education programs. The exercise aims to expose a large cross-section of children to the island's precious marine resources and heritage and to spread awareness about conservation. This program may also inspire a child to pursue a career in marine biology.

Junior is all fired up about the program: "We need to protect our marine resources…this is all we have. We also should be more environmentally conscious. We have to teach our children about our marine environment. It makes me so happy to see the children and their excitement as they experience and learn."

The big all-day event will be based at Crocus Bay where there will be several tents and chairs set up along the beach. Teachers and other volunteers will supervise the children and give them briefings on various aspects of marine life. Junior already has some valuable documentation from the Fisheries Department, and this will be used as teaching materials.

This event blends entertainment with education so the children are in for a big treat. Junior intends to have most of the children do a glass-bottomed boat tour around Crocus and Little Bay. They will see the caves, starfish, stingray, turtles and coral reefs. They will learn about the fascinating way that reefs are formed. A smaller number of children will go to Prickle Pear for a mini tour. A big barbecue will be set up to live steelband music so that the children can have an enjoyable lunch.

Junior has already ordered some equipment and supplies such as life vests, snorkeling gear and underwater cameras. Also on the way are one hundred (100) Fish Watcher's Guides which display the fishes of the Caribbean. These will be put in the various classrooms around the island as follow-through education. T-shirt and pen souvenirs will also be given to the children to commemorate the occasion.

This mammoth voluntary effort would be grateful for support from various business places and individuals. Several persons have already offered to donate technical expertise, time, funds and other items. There was even some interest from a business place in neighbouring St Maarten to provide drinks for the children. This assistance is inspiring and the organizers would be appreciative of any other contribution. If you wish to send a monetary donation you can make checks payable to: Marine Life Education Fund, c/o James Fleming, Jr., P O Box 1008, The Valley, Anguilla, British West Indies. If you want to find out more about the program please feel free to email Junior at

About Junior


Junior has grown up around boats and has always loved the water. He has been doing glass-bottomed boat tours, snorkeling trips and cruises for the past 14 years. This personable young man enjoys educating and entertaining his guests as they experience the underwater treasures of Anguilla. He loves children was also involved in taking sixty (60) kids to Scrub Island as part of the Camp Be Aware program last year.

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