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The Katouche Valley Rainforest

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Because Anguilla is still somewhat of an undiscovered paradise, most places here do not have direction signs, tour guides, and interpretation centers. You may not believe it, but Anguilla has a jungle. It is in the Katouche Valley. [Click to enlarge jungle path] [Click for larger view of pond] All the dead trees and stumps among the new growth are reminders of Hurricane Luis, which destroyed all the vegetation in this valley for about 100 yards from the sea.

The valley is full of lush greenery. Anguillian plants that you are 2' high are 6' to 20' high in this valley. There are also bamboo plants, land crabs, and airplants. Partway up the path, there is an interesting old well on the right.

Katouche Valley is private property belonging to Thomakaty Link Ltd, View Fort, PO Box 42, The Valley. Apply to them for permission to hike in it.

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