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Artist of the Month: Jo-Anne Hill Saunders

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[Copyright 1996. Jo-anne Saunders. 
Seagrapes and Bird] In the USA, Jo-Anne Saunders worked primarily in sculpting. Since moving to to Anguilla, she has been drawn into water colors by the intensity of the colors here and the way the bright light plays with them. She recently started working with a computer pad and fine arts software that gives her even more freedom to create the light effects she see every day. Jo-Anne says she handles the pen just as she would a paint brush--it is actually painting in the same style as always, but the computer is the paper.

Seven Days in Anguilla is the incredible new web site for Jo-Anne Saunders' new 1998 show at the Savannah Galley. The gallery is located in The Valley up Crocus Hill.

In December of 1996, Jo-Anne had a continuing show called "Anguilla Breeze" at the Savannah Gallery. It consisted of recent watercolors created after Hurricane Luis. The works are inspired by the strength and beauty of the trees here in Anguilla and how the constant wind shapes their lives.  Revised: June 01, 1998

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