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Iguana Delicatissima

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[Click for more stamps] Anguilla is home to a species of Iguana called the Iguana Delicatissima. The Anguilla National Trust has launched an effort to ensure the propogation of the Iguana and the Post Office has issued a set of four postage stamps to help make the public aware of the issue.

Iguanas live largely in the dry forest throughout the West Indies and are virtually harmless to humans. Due to pressures of lost habitat and predators such as dogs and cats, the Iguana population has gone from abundant to near extinction. On Anguilla the small Iguana population inhabits a relatively small section of the northern coast and live in rock crevices. The reptiles feed mainly on shrubs such as Chink, Cattle Tongue, Mutton Polly, Antigua Balsam and White Cedar.

After Hurricane Luis, people noticed another speciies, Iguana Iguana. It is thought that these Iguana floated to Anguilla from other islands clinging to logs and debris.

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