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[Click to enlarge] The renowned Heritage Collection Museum has moved to a new, more convenient location. This cross section of Anguilla, which is under the curatorship of Colville Petty, OBE, a leading authority on Anguilla's history, has been moved to the South Hill Plaza, close to the island's tourism belt.

Heritage Collection is a microcosm of the different facets of life of the Anguillian people and provides a stimulating insight into the Anguilla of old. Its impressive array of archaeological and other historical artefacts spans many years of Anguillian history from the golden age of the Arawak Indians to the 1967 Revolution. [Click to enlarge]

Apart from its interest to local students, researchers and the public in general, Heritage Collection has been a great attraction to tourists in search of historical information on Anguilla and of a better appreciation of its people and their culture. The museum has caught the attention of the international media and has received excellent reviews from the travel trade press through such magazines like American Way and Islands.

Its opening hours are: Monday to Saturday - 10.00 am to 5.00 pm and Sunday - 1.00 pm to 6pm.

Heritage Collection affords a useful opportunity to study and appreciate the progression of an independent and proud people.

Entry Fee: Adults US$ 5.00, Children under 12 US$ 3.00. Tel: 264.497.8737, Fax: 264.497.4067 Email:

Photos courtesy Professor Gaetano Di Palo

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