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[Click to enlarge] The West End of Anguilla has a brand new supermarket. Although small, Foods NinetyFive has an amazing selection of foods and household items, plus a liqour section. The imported Swiss Chocolats were incredible. And, after searching fruitlessly throughout the island, this is the place where we finally found a scale (to weigh ourselves after dinner out at Anguilla's restaurants). The West End is the area of Anguilla where most of the tourist resorts are located. Foods NinetyFive, the creation of Francois Lake (pictured right), is just what the West End has needed.

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Directions: located on the south side of the main road between the Cap Juluca turnoff and the CoveCastles turnoff. If that doesn't make sense, remember that south is the side facing St. Martin. If you are still lost, start back in the airport parking lot in The Valley. Take the only exit and turn left, then left again and go past the airport entrance, straight through the roundabout and through George Hill, straight through the next roundabout (i.e. don't go down the hill to Sandy Ground), and follow the main road for about five miles. After passing Cheddie's Carving studio and the gas station you will soon pass the left turn for Cap Juluca and Sapphire Restaurant. Keep going straight and watch for FoodsNinetyFive on the left.

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