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When driving through George Hill at night watch for the gourmet take-out place with the first neon sign in Anguilla.
[Click to enlarge] Well, perhaps not the absolute first neon sign ever, but the first we have noticed...

Update: Fat Cat moved to Stoney Ground in 2004 (in front of Albert's Supermarket) and expanded its operation. Even more good takeout food. Check their web site: - prices and items below are out of date.

Fat Cat is a gourmet take-out place with baked half-chickens, a freezer full of dinner entrees, plus freshly made cookies, pies, cakes, salads, soups, etc. If you are having a party, they can cater the entire thing.

Great take out sandwiches and salads (try the potato salad). They can make up picnic baskets for beach exploring.

Here are some items available "to go":

Sandwiches US$Salads(Per lb)
Chicken Salad 3.75Coleslaw4.50
Fish Salad 4.00Veggie pasta4.50
Crab Cake4.50 Shrimp Pasta6.00
Lobster8.50Potato Salad4.75
Egg Salad3.00Marinated Veggies 5.50
Ham & Cheese3.50Tabouli8.00
Served with lettuce & tomato on home made wheat breadFruit5.50
DesertUS$Thirst Quenchers
Carrot Cake3.00Coke1.00
Chocolate Cake3.00Sprite1.00
Lime Bars1.00Ginger Beer1.50
Brownies1.50Fruit Juices1.00
Cookies (pkt)2.00Ice Tea1.00

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Paperback Library. As a service to the customers, Fat Cat also has a "Paperback Exchange Library". Bring in the paperback you have finished and exchange it for one you haven't read yet.

Open Mon-Sat. 10am-6pm. Telephone: 1-264-497-2307.

Directions: From the airport parking lot, take the only exit and turn left. Turn left again at Island Car Rental and continue straight through the roundabout to George Hill. Go through the light where you turn for Cinammon Reef. Just before the second light at George Hill Landing, turn right for Fat Cat (Highway Rent-a-car is across the streeet).
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Fat Cat Entree Selections. They also have dinner entrees, frozen and ready to heat in the oven: Lasagne with Meat Sauce, Vegetable Lasagne with Bechemel Sauce, Curried Goat, Chicken Fricasse with Parsley dumplings, Chicken Breast in Passion Fruit Sauce, and Fish Stew with Leeks, Onions and peppers.

Then add some soup: Gingered Pumpkin, Spicy Fish Soup, Conch Chowder, or Green Pigeon Pea.

Or try a quiche: Crab, Shrimp, Mushroom or Spinash.

Fat Cat makes a selection from their extensive repetoire every day, or call ahead and negotiate almost anything you want.

Party Appetizers. Looking for some munchies for your party? Try Glazed Chicken Wings at 8.75/dz, Individual Quiches at 7.50/dz, Ham Rolls at 5.00/dz, Devilled Eggs at 5.00/dz, Beet patties at 6.50/dz, Mini pizzas at 7.00/dz, Conch fritters 9.50/dz, Fish Balls 8.00/dz, or a Veggie Platter with Dip or a Fruit and Cheese Platter for $35 each.

 Revised: 2005/6/19

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