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Temperature Drops for Eclipse

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[Partial eclipse as seen in Anguilla] The solar eclipse occurred right on schedule at 2:30PM, Thursday, February 26th, just as predicated. Using the proper solar viewing glasses and a video camera/tv setup, we were able to watch the moon slowing cover the sun. With the plain eye, however, the effect was not as obvious. It was amazing how bright it still was with only 4% of the sun's light. The most notable effects were that the temperature dropped markedly while standing in the open, shadows became very sharp and defined, and any small pinhole or aperature would focus a picture of eclipse. People wearing straw hats with many small holes in them had numerous small images of the solar eclipse across their shirts!

For 3 minutes of comlete darkness and a view of the stars, you had to travel to near Antigua or Montserrat. The attendees at the Financial Cryptography Conference here in Anguilla, chartered a large cat and sailed to Montserrat for a perfect viewing of the eclipse, the volcano, and a traffic jam of cruise ships at the epicentre of the eclipse.

 Revised: June 09, 1998

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