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Here is a day-by-day compendium of news items, as we gathered them - starting with the most recent.

Sunday, March 12, 2000

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Vodou Influences... from Canada's Yukon. What began two years ago in 1998 as a simple e-mail request for information on techniques used by Haitian artisans to produce their beautiful vodou flags has developed into a show by this Canadian artist at Savannah Gallery, Anguilla in the Caribbean’s Leeward Islands.

Dawson’s Shelley Hakonson was researching Haitian vodou spirits and culture to help her develop style and technique for a series of upcoming works. While surfing the Internet, she found the website of Savannah Gallery, which features contemporary Caribbean art from throughout the region. The gallery also specializes in Haitian art, which caught Shelley’s eye. That’s when the relationship began.
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Savannah Gallery responded to her request and e-mails went back and forth for some time. As Savannah’s owners are Canadian, they were intrigued even more by Shelley’s interest in vodou art and helped fill in as many blanks as possible for her research. Hakonson sent a couple of photos of one of her works, “Iguana,” including close-ups of the detail. The Gallery was impressed with what they saw and broached the idea of doing an exhibition in Anguilla, which came to fruition on March 9, 2000 and runs until March 30th.

The work includes: intricate bead & sequin work; subtle acrylic paint foundations; clever use of fabric and elaborate stitching with various threads.

“Vodou is far more complicated than I ever imagined. I didn’t realize how deeply Catholic beliefs had infused and blended with ancient tribal customs of Africa.

“My work reflects only the surface. I have attempted to blend into these pieces, some of the same techniques that vodou artists use on their flags. This series of work is my “take” on this fascinating religion. It represents the viewpoint of a Scottish-Canadian woman, living in Canada’s far north.”

Saturday, March 11, 2000

Sea View Apartments. In answer to an inquiry on the Anguilla Tête-à-Tête forum about inexpensive places to stay, a visitor posted the following tip (Click Here for actual post):
We stay at SEA VIEW APARTMENTS in Sandy Ground...a cute little apt building which features a 1 bedroom apt., or a 2 bedroom ..very reasonable prices ...the guest book is filled with repeat guests by Violet Richardson..and her niece Sherma...lovely people, very warm and sincere... not fancy but everything you need and located perfectly. Almost on the beach takes 20 seconds from door to water (really)... by the way they live upstairs and next door so someone is usually around ...located past Johnnos on the right - lots of locals homes on the same street, real Anguilla ... you will make many friends there and have a great time for less$$...Ripples, Pumphouse, Johnnos, Barrel Stay, all a short walk away... Road bay is a great mix of nice beach and activity Call -
Click Here for the Sea View web page.

Friday, March 10, 2000

Shoal Bay Scuba News Page. This scuba and watersports operation has added a "Events of the Month" page to their web site, containing pictures and stories about recent dive visitors to Anguilla. The page was updated on Feb 26th, so if you dove with them, check for your picture, Click Here.

Moonsplash. Bankie Banx has announced March 17-18-19 as the dates for Moonsplash 2000. The Dune Preserve site was badly damaged in Hurricane Lenny and had to be rebuilt for Moonsplash. Here is the latest Moonsplash 2000 schedule of events: Check Bankie's web site for updates as they are announced: Click Here.

Anguillian Acquires St. Maarten Firm. Ramdat Jagbandhan (email: writes to announce the sale of his accounting and tax practice firm to Lyndon Webster of Island Harbour. Ramdat, seventy four years old, founder and recently retired Managing Director said,
“The time had come for me to pass on the business, and Mr. Webster is most capable. All the clients are very happy with the way he handles the reporting function, the way he relates to them, and the way he has innovated the Company; now equipped with the latest Small Business Accounting Software, Networking, and Communications.”

Thursday, March 09, 2000

Dogon Wood Sculpture. An exhibition from Mali, Africa, opening March 18th and running until April 15th. Location: Hannah-Waver House, The Valley. 1-264-497-3571. Exhibition presented by World Art and Antigues Gallery (Old Factory Plaza, opposite Catholic Church).

Shari Erickson Exhibition Opens. A new exhibition of works opened March 4th at the Devonish Gallery and runs until March 17th. For more information and examples of Shari's work, Click Here.

Pet Adoption Web Site. click to see more puppies and kittens

There are a number of adorable pets on Anguilla looking for homes. A new pet can add untold hours of joy to your family and provide you with more unconditional love than you can imagine. Consider adopting a pet that needs a home if your family is ready for this addition, rather than acquiring a purebred from another country. Mixed breeds are often the smartest, sweetest and have the best temperaments of all dogs.

Now these dogs and cats have their own web site: Click Here.

Wednesday, March 08, 2000

Digital Cameras 1997. See three sets of candid pictures taken by Anguillian students experimenting with a digital camera for the first time, three years ago: Click Here and Click Here and Click Here.

Bahamas-Anguilla World Cup Qualifying Match. Read all about Sunday's match at Zack's Anguillian Sports Link, which now has a new domain name: Click Here.

Tuesday, March 07, 2000

Crowds at Swearing In. The Daily Herald reports "an exceptionally large crowd of people was at the Parliamentary Building on Monday, March 6, to witness the swearing-in of the new Government": Click Here

Build Your Own:

Seafeather Villa has a new domain name, Click Here.

In the archive

Lloyd's Guest House has welcomed a large number of visitors from Italy this year. Therefore, they are now providing an Italian version of their web site: Click Here.

Monday, March 06, 2000

Sapphire Restaurant. The Tourist Board has information about the new Sapphire Restaurant overlooking Maundays Bay on their News and Events page: Click Here.

And a frequent and long-time Anguilla visitor has posted a short review of this new restaurant to the Anguilla Anguilla Tête-à-Tête forum. If you have tried Sapphire and want to add your comments, Click Here.

This new restaurant opened less than a month ago and, although we didn't get to try it for dinner, we were their first guests for lunch and think this place is going to be a comer. Visually, it is quite appealing with it's whitewash throughout and its bold accents of appealing blues picked up in decorations, glassware, etc. hence the name Sapphire. The owner, Pedro, used to be the maitre d' at Cap Juluca and learned his lessons well. Try their vegetable pizza. Quite different in its crust, quite appealing in its taste. The view is charming too with sights of Marigot and St. Martin.

Holiday Monday. Due to the elections, Monday March 6 is a public holiday in Anguilla.

Sunday, March 05, 2000

News of the Election. Associated Press reporter on Anguilla, Wycliffe Richardson, reports on the election results at Yahoo, Click Here and the new Chief Minister, Osbourne Fleming: Click Here.

Saturday, March 04, 2000

Beal To Sign With Guyana. Beal Aerospace has proposed building a satellite launch facility on Sombrero Island. According to a report in a Guyana newspaper, Beal will be signing a deal by mid-March with the Guyana governemt for a rocket launch site in the interior of that South American country: Click Here.

Incredible Sunset. March 2, 2000.

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March 3 Election Results. all 7 incumbents re-elected. United Front should form government: Click Here for Site and Click Here for Roy Peacock's Site.

Friday, March 03, 2000

Internet Yellow Pages:
All known Anguilla sites. is current with the candiates for today's election and carry balloting results live tonight: Click Here.

Koal Keel Restaurant was badly damaged by Hurrcane Lenny last November. It will reopen in the fall sporting a new, and reportedly surprise, decor. [From AHTA newsletter.]

Football (Soccer) In Anguilla. World Cup FIFA Match. Anguilla vs. Bahamas. Ronald Webster Park. Sunday. 2:15 for the Governer and opening ceremony. 3pm match starts. For more soccer news ("Unlucky Injuries for Anguillian Footballers"), visit the Anguillian Sports Link: Click Here.

Bounced Emails. When people subscribe to the Anguilla news, they provide their email address as the way to get in touch with them. But if they mistype their address, all email to them will bounce and we can't even reach them to get it corrected. Here are the bounced email addresses that we have dropped from our subscriber list in the last few months: (James R. Sottile) (Carol Colburn) (michael Kocor) (Rozalina Mladenova) (Ginny Elliott) (edward Taylor) (Jim Howard) (Dennnis Rollison) (Patricia L. Giedrys) (LouAnn Moore) (Dargan Burns, III) (Ed Lake) (D. Henry ) (maureen davis) (clare grap) (Martin Bew) (Tom and Patti Chesebrough) (ed and teri glasheen) (Carol Chwazik Darrow)
POTTER.1227@AOL.COM (STACY SCHELLER) (Jose Sacal) (William Egge) (Elizabeth Marshall) (Eamonn O cathain)
rclake@PRODIGY.NET (John Sias) (stanley doobin)
OYH@NETSGO.COM (OHYOUHGHWAN) (richard kalin) (Will Walls) (Cecil J. Sharp)

Thursday, March 02, 2000

Find Your Photo. Net Concepts has a new site,, where it is posting candid photos taken at local events such as the Wallblake House Auction: Click Here.

Lawn Party. The Anguilla Craft Group Annual Benefit will be held Saturday, March 18th, 11:30-3:30 on the grounds of Government House in Old Ta. Arts and crafts created by the group, plus displays and sales by local artists and a special children's art booth. Homemade refreshments.

Parasailing. Emma Royden (email: writes: Click for more pictures
Although I have been travelling to and from Anguilla since the age of 5 and lived on island for a year between Sept 98 and Sept 99, I don't think that we have ever met, although I have heard much about you and all the computer/internet work that you do, and you are probably aware of some work that I did last summer with a friend of mine Eleanor Stacey. Together we put on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Ruthwill, Eleanor directed and I was stage manager. I am also a subscriber to which I am grateful for as it keeps me posted on all the news and events whilst I am in England where I live.

The reason for this email, apart from the brief life history, is that whilst on one of my usual excursions into the world wide web, I discovered your home page and was amazed and delighted to find two links which were for friends of mine - Nature Boy, and Dandy and King (Second Wind Watersports). The picture of Nature Boy is great and you can't help smiling when you look at him (he's such a smilie kinda guy:), but I thought that you might be able to use some better pictures for Second Wind. Since Parasailing became a kinda hobby to me during the summer I have some nice pictures of me parasailing and also a nice one of King and Dandy which I thought you might like to use. (For Emma's pictures, Click Here.)

Anguilla Forums:

Travel Talk

Carib On-line

Monkeys. Went for a walk with the neighbors and the dog early this morning - and we saw a monkey! Watched it jump up and down the rocks and trees, then heard another "monkey-like" sound, and thought we saw another one. Then one of our group saw both at the same time. Small, long tails. Monkeys are not indigenous to Anguilla, as far as I know.

Wednesday, March 01, 2000

Prince Andrew is scheduled to visit Anguilla on March 14th and 15th. Read more about his scheduled itinerary in the Daily Herald: Click Here.

Anguilla Questions?
Email the Tourist Board at or the Hotel Association at

CEG Web Site News. Graham Crabtree (email: let us know that his site for C.E.G. Ltd. has been redesigned and updated: Click Here. He has added a newsletter section focusing on offshore finance and Anguilla, plus email discussion groups on Anguilla news and Offshore Practice Name Exchange

More on offshore corporations

More on offshore companies and other financial services

New NBA Building.

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National Bank of Anguilla has started using their new building, with over 7000 sq ft of badly needed space. The elegant structure was designed by David Kenworthy and constructed by Orchard, Romney and Beck. For a picture of last minute landscaping preparations, Click Here. Customers of the bank will be happy to hear that there is a large new parking lot. For more details, read the story in the Daily Herald: Click Here

Monday, February 28, 2000

More Stories from FC '00. The Financial Cryptography conference is over, but stories are still be published on the web about the ideas discussed there: Click Here and Click Here.

Pumphouse Reopens! The Pumphouse Bar and Grill in Sandy Ground reopened their bar on February 21st and are hoping to start serving food next week. They had lots of repairs to do after Hurricane Lenny. (News courtesy Catherine Orchard, email:

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