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[Click to enlarge] Recently we took a party of fourteen to CuisinArt resort to play bocce ball on their court and to have brunch. The resort is looking great - the gardens have matured and are lush and colorful.

The staff was cordial and attentive, especially considering that we were not staying at the resort.

The bocce ball fields were well manicured and empty (lucky, since we couldn't reserve them).

After two hours of learning and playing bocce ball, we had a delicious breakfast.

The Goal of Bocce Ball

As you surely know, the game's aim consists in putting more bocce of your colour close to the pallino (the small boccia). This can be an individual game as well as a team game (maximum 6 against 6).

For individual competition, each player has four bocce, while in team games each team player has always 2 bocce to launch.

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The Field and Tools

The fields is generally between 22 and 28 metres long and 3.5 metres wide; at CuisinArt there are two fields, side by side, so you play down one, then play back up the other.

In Italy, the ground is usually pounded sand and the borders must have a wooden frame 20 cm high. At CuisinArt the ground was indoor/outdoor carpet.

The bocce are generally in plastic or other synthetic material; their diameter is a maximum 12 cm and their weight is 1.3/1.4 Kg. They come in two colors, one for each team.

The pallino diameter is a maximum 4 cm in diameter, and of the same material of the bocce, but white.

The Game

The first player or team (selected by tossing a coin) throws the pallino anywhere in the field, but at least 9 metres far away from the launch.

Then the first play launches his boccia (bocce is plural) trying to get as close as possible to the pallino. This sets a goal for the remaining bocce: to get closer to the pallino.

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There are three kinds of launches:

Al punto - you make the boccia roll on the ground in order to make it get close to the pallino. Normally tossed with the hand under the bocce.

Di raffa - you launch it into the air with a spin effect so that when it touches the ground it stops close to the pallino. Normally tossed with the hand over the bocce, getting some backspin as the bocce is released.

Al volo - you launch it into the air trying to hit the pallino or any other boccia in order to move the game into another field's area or steal the point.

Then it is your adversary's turn. If he gets closer than you, it is your turn, otherwise he will throw his bocce until he gets closer than you, or exhausts his supply of bocce.

To measure the distance between boccia and pallino when there are more of them close to it, you use a little wooden stick.

The score is given to the team with the closest boccia, consisting of one point for each boccia that is closer to the pallino than any of the other team's bocce. A typical game is to 21 but we played a two-man tournament, where each match was just up and down the field once.

You can purchase Bocce on the web, at for example.

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Explanation of Bocce Ball by Gaetano Di Palo

 Revised: 2002/2/3

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