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Cuisinart Resort has begun a series of art exhibitions with the works of Antonio Biancaluni. [Click to enlarge] Born in Montelupo Fiorentino, Italy in 1948), Antonio Biancaluni was introduced by Antonio Miniaci at Cuisinart in Anguilla with his art show on Sunday 3rd, March, 2001. This instinctive and powerful artist, with a countryside background and humble origins, now displays his artworks in famous galleries all over the world.

Recently (1997) he was invited to exhibit at "Lineart" Gent (Belgium), at "A Prints of a Gift" Gallery on Hamilton Bay (Canada), then a personal exhibition at Galleria Miniaci in Positano (1998), introduced by Alessandra Scappini, "Galerie Quadrige" in Nice, Galerie "Alain Beciani" in Charleroi (Belgium), and Galleria Miniaci in Capri; (1999) "Fiera di Carrara" and at "Art Padova", then "I mille volti dell'Arno" Villa Caruso Lastra in Signa (Florence); (2000) with Galleria Miniaci at "Expo Art" in New York.

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A virtual gallery of Antonio Biancaluni is available on the web at

The artist was invited by Antonio Miniaci and Leandro Rizzuto to spend some time at Cuisinart Resort in Anguilla to exhibit his art works. Antonio Biancaluni could not be in Anguilla for a few days without being inspired by the beauty and colours of the island: he composed some paintings of incredible beauty which are shown in the gallery together with other works of his.

Antonio Miniaci is a merchant and art collector; his galleries in Capri, Positano, Milan and Miami and of course in Anguilla are internationally famous. Antonio Miniaci is also a protector of arts and culture and founded Miniaci Clubs all over the world by which he supports and introduces many endowed and talented artists.

Moreover, he is carrying on an interesting project in the South of Italy by founding and supporting a centre for the development of art and artists. In New York Antonio Miniaci met Leandro Rizzuto, an American of Italian origins, successful entrepreneur and developer and owner of the deluxe Cuisinart Resort in West End, Anguilla. The common southern Italian roots and the passion for art and beauty led them to conceive a space for art in Anguilla within the Resort.

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Guest article by Professsor Gaetano Di Palo

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