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[Click to enlarge] Camp Be Awarehas successfully completed its third annual environmental summer camp. Thirty-nine children visited a variety of environmental sites.

The old stand-bys were the salt ponds of Sandy Ground, horseback riding through the Blowing Point bush, a trip to Scrub Island, water awareness activities with the Environmental Health Unit, a tour of the ANGLEC Power Plant and a visit to the Corito landfill.

After a one year absence, due to Hurricane Lenny, we returned to the Katouche Caves. The children were nervous going in, more nervous when they had to shut their flash flights off, and scared to death when they climbed fifteen feet down a rope. However, they all overcame their fears and didn't stop talking about this trip. Oliver Hodge led the four tours. He was an excellent guide and motivator.

We also returned to the Cap Juluca Nature Trails. Ms. Bonnie Warner and Mr. Lloyd Gumbs were excellent tour guides. The children were captivated by all the different sights and sounds of the trail. They also enjoyed the endangered species and herb gardens.

A new trip was to the rarely visited Big Spring National Park. Griffin Webster and John Lloyd took the children through this wonderful new National Park. The history of this area amazed the counselors as well as the campers.

As usual, the swimming lessons were the highlight of the camp. Teacher Linda, from the Gloria Omolulu Institue was the instructor. She was assisted by four Canadian teachers, Laura, Brian, Jennifer and Christine.
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All of the campers began at various levels of proficiency. By the end of the camp, they all improved. Even the fearful participants were frolicking in the water by the end of the camp. All swimmers were taught life jacket drills in and out of the water. This may help them to save their life or someone else's while out at sea.

The newest addition to our environmentally fun camp were 19 returning campers. This group's main task was to demonstrate to the general Anguillian public what our environmental camp is all about. They did this by painting environmental murals on the walls of the Road Primary School. They were so determined to paint these five walls with a special flair. Judging from the honking horns, the shouts of "great job", and the giving of donations, their goal was reached.

Teacher Shelagh was their main source of hands-off inspiration. She guided them with a sweet but firm hand but never once touched the walls with a dab of paint. She insisted that this be the artists/campers work. It was and is. Teacher Carol-Anne from the Isle of Wight, joined us and lent her expertise. We thank our educational partners from the Isle for allowing her to make this long trek.

We already have made plans for our fourth annual Camp Be Aware. We will be adding six past artist/campers to join us as group leaders. We will be adding a one night sleep over.

All of the campers, artists and counselors want to say a last thank you to all of our sponsors for allowing us to keep our motto alive: "Environment is FUNdamental": American Eagle, All Island Cable Television, The Social Security Board, Cable & Wireless, Flambayo Bicycle Shop, Caracasbaai Hardware, Apex Auto Supply, The Chief Minister's Office, The Department of Education, The Anguilla Community Foundation, Anguilla Printers, and Fair Play Management.

Be sure to go by the Road School and check out those walls. It may give your group the incentive to paint other kinds of murals on your business, home or local school.

Article by Teacher Art, Camp Coordinator

 Revised: 2001/8/14

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