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Picking Up a Basketball Game

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My wife and I just spent 25 days visiting friends in Anquilla. We had a wonderful time. The people are very warm and friendly. Good dance music is easy to find and the Bar-b-que is fantastic.

Some people (myself included) cannot travel without a fix of basketball, or 'b-ball' as they call it. Every village and/or elementary school in Anguilla has a basketball court or hoop. Several of these courts have outdoor lighting. The best and busiest court I found was next to Ashley and Sons Grocery in The Valley. I brought my own ball (as I do everywhere I travel) which attracted kids whenever I go to the court. The men never arrived before 5 P.M. and most not until 6.

The ball in Anquilla can best be described as "street ball" (similar to New York "school yard" ball) and the offensive quality is quite good. It is always 3 on 3 even if there are 20 guys waiting to play. It is very offensive minded with much macho jive being passed between players. Defensive as well as offensive rebounds go directly back up to the hoop without having to go back outside as we do in North America. This of course makes a big difference in the style of play. (Outside shooting is not very prevalent).

The players were somewhat impressed with my blocking out and defensive skills but all were much more interested in attempting to beat the other guy one on one. Fouls were never called and I was ridiculed when I apologized for grossly fouling my opponent. When one player complained about my agressive blocking out he was told "this ain't no Sunday School".

Although fouls are not called, I didn't see any deliberately dirty play. These guys are very macho, but I didn't see anyone lose their temper in 20 nights of rough play. I was completely unsuccessful in urging 5 on 5 full court but all in all I had a very enjoyable time and knocked off a few pounds through heavy sweat.

If anyone out there is interested in my bball experiences in Anquilla or on other islands or tropical places I can be reached at [email protected]

Guest article by George Farrell

 Revised: February 19, 1998

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