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[Click to enlarge] There is an artist in each of us. Some just follow their instinct and passion and sometimes even without a specific education, an art piece might result. Arthur Ward, from Saint Kitts (but resident in Anguilla for 20 years) is a contractor and construction worker who devotes his free time to literally creating from mechanical spare parts pieces of furniture like chandeliers, drawers, cabinets and wall decorations of a very unusual style.
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As you can see, he is presently inspired in creating tables with the stem made out of pistons, carburetor, and other automobile engines' parts and gears covered by a crystal top. He patiently gathers the parts and with the help of his wife Lilian makes them usable for his creations.

Arthur Ward works in his lab just behind his house in North Side, and anybody who wants to go and visit him is very welcomed. Phone 264-497-3657.

Story and photos by Professor Gaetano Di Palo

 Revised: 2001/5/5

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