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[Click for larger view of 'Melee'] Showing at Savannah Gallery, in The Valley through February and March, is the large four by six foot painting, "Melee", by the artistic team of Lynne Bernbaum and Jo-Anne Hill Saunders. With the wealth of talented artists living and working in Anguilla these days, it's interesting to see something quite new - a collaborative effort! Lynne and Jo-Anne have even named their movement; "duoism".

Inspiration for the style of painting "Melee" came from a book that both artists were enjoying titled "Australian Aboriginal Paintings" by Jennifer Isaacs. Photographs in that book depicted groups of artists laboring on a single painting. Inspired by these group efforts, Lynne and Jo-Anne finished "Melee" recently and anxiously await reactions, for duoism creates a style that looks like neither a typical Bernbaum or Saunders painting.

The title, "Melee" refers to a Caribbean slang word for gossip, and more specifically to the confusion and chaos created by gossip.

Other Art News:

During February, Savannah Gallery will feature an exhibiton of recent paintings and pastels by Marjorie Morani, February 5 - 26. Phone 497-2263

Lynne Bernbaum's new paintings will be featured in an exhibition titled "Spectrum" along with recent sculpture by Courtney Devonish in his show called "Touch Forms" at the Devonish Art Gallery, February 7 - 28. Phone 497-2949

Guest article by Frank Costin.

 Revised: January 31, 1998

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