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The Internet has many corners and neighborhoods, some of which are not open to everyone. An example is AOL, American On-Line. They provide their millions of customers with access to the Internet (so they can read this news page) but also provides them with custom services that are not accessible to non-AOL users.

It so happens that many Anguilla visitors are AOL members and they take advantage of the AOL Message Boards to post their comments and complaints, sometimes leading to very lively exchanges of opinion.

If you are an AOL member, you reach the Anguilla Message Board by clicking on Travel, then International, then Caribbean, then Anguilla. You will find a friendly group of experienced travellers who can answer any question about your trip to Anguilla.

If you want to access your AOL account while in Anguilla, follow the instructions on this page.

 Revised: July 30, 1998

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Anguilla Local News