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New Scuba Shop at La Sirena

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Click to enlarge view of dive boat As of November 1st, La Sirena hotel in the West End will have a branch of Island Harbour's Anguillian Divers on site. This was confirmed by Wim Haagedoorn and Frieda Vandenplas of Anguillian Divers:

"You have to listen to the customers. They said it was too far to drive from the West End to Island Harbour.
Wim and Frieda also mentioned that they can do charter fishing. For a fun story, ask them about the experience on the Grady White at Goat Bay. Anguillian Divers can be reached at 264-497-4750 and La Sirena at 264-497-6827.  Revised: October 14, 1997

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