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[Fabian Fahie]
Fabian Fahie
On June 1, 1999 a small group gathered at the House of Chandeliers to participate in a lecture and discussion. The subject was "Anguilla at the Dawn of the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities".

The lecture, presented by Mr. Fabian M. Fahie, was the first of what is expected to be an Annual Anguilla Day lecture in memory of the late Walter G. Hodge, one of Anguilla's revolutionary leaders.

The event was sponsored by the Anguilla Social Security Board. Donations were requested to assist in providing a piano for the Library Resource Center. Contact Timothy Hodge, Director of the Anguilla Social Security Board, to make donations.

 "Economic development takes place when there is not only a quantitative increase in the per person value of output in the society, but also a qualitative and positive change in the conditions of production involving a more equitable distribution of income and improved quality of life in the work place and in the larger society. The impact of both is to increase opportunities for the people of the country to develop and realize their creative potential and as a result improve the living standards for the population as a whole."...excerpt from lecture [Walter Hodge]
In Memory: Walter Hodge

The discussion was orderly and touched such subjects as the need for social reform, formulation of a long term development plan and self determination.

For the full text of the lecture click here.

Report by Griffin Webster

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