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[Click to enlarge] Perhaps the best deal on the island of Anguilla is hidden at the upper end of Shoal Bay. Every year for the last five years the Allamanda Beach Club has gotten better and better.

The owner Sam Mason is an Anguillian who left the island to work in St. Thomas as a plumber and returned to transform his piece of the "family land" into a resort. We've watched with fascination and admiration as he slowly and carefully develops the Allamanda.

He started with an ideal location, right on upper Shoal Bay beach, where he used to tend cattle as a child. He first planted a grove of coconut palms along the beach, then built 15 apartment suites with kitchens, then a swimming pool, then lush tropic gardens, then satellite TV, then email reservations, then Zara's gourmet restaurant, then a covered pavillion for shade and guest barbecues, then phones in the rooms, then an exercise gym and a gift shop, then a scuba and watersports shop (which subsequently moved around the corner, to be replaced by a Spa for massages), then a pool. What next?
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... And now a brand new web site:

Sam is always busy on new projects. He is now working on air conditioning and a landscaped entry from the road, ... what will be next?

Once people discover Allamanda, usually by strolling up to the quiet upper end of Shoal Bay and then wandering in, they come back year after year. Prices are quite reasonable: check their web site.

[Click to enlarge] For example, this message was submitted to the old Anguilla Home Page Forum by Sheila S. on 9/16/98 at 10:41 PM

Highly recommend the Allamanda on beautiful Shoal Bay. We were there for three weeks and it gets a lot of repeat family business (that's gotta tell you something). Secluded because it's at the end of the beach away from the other resorts, yet walking distance to several restaurants (one of the best is right at Allamanda). Water sports activities for you and your fourteen year old... and a great beach for romantic strolls. Kitchens, TV's, Bar-b-ques, Pool and friendly staff with repeat clientele... and unbeatable prices.

Telephone: 1-264-497-5217. Fax: 1-264-497-5216. Email the resort:

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